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DROPPINGS  is, after 15 years, the follow-up for my old and almost sold-out
Bach, The Fencing Master

Bach can be successfully played in many ways. Also that happens to be one of his qualities. This book ‘DROPPINGS’ is not just another edition of his first three Suites for the Cello. On the right pages you’ll find our beloved ‘AUTOGRAPH’, so wonderfully written and so precisely copied by Anna Magdalena, Bach’s second wife. Wouldn’t you agree that a young student, new-comer in this wonderful world which hopefully will keep him fascinated for the next, say, fifty years, has a right to see from the very beginning, undiluted, the real thing in front of him? And on the left pages, in little black dots, is my appraisal of that text. No more, no less. I am sure that many teachers will feel an urge (possibly with some inner discussion) to immediately scribble-in ‘their’ right slurs in ‘my’ droppings. We are all so bloody busy...     
The one important page in my book may be at the very beginning: ‘About the use of the bow.’ I have become convinced, and slowly quite a few others with me, that Mrs. Bach’s score is the testimony of a highly refined bowing-art, and that in the three hundred years since it was written, all kinds of influences have made it difficult to read and relish the original text. Well, occasionally I may be wrong too, as I have been before. Please, because of that, have a look at the Gigue of the 1st Suite (Accademia Filarmonia, see my website) which you may download for free.

Bach’ greatness has been underestimated many times. The way in which other great composers talk about him should give us a warning, for instance Beethoven: ’BACH! (brook). MEER (sea) SOLL ER HEISSEN (he should be called)’.

My books are in English. There are, however, on about 15 seperate pages, copies of a translation of the English text available in Korean and Dutch for €5.00 each. 
Translations in German and Russian will be available very shortly for the same price. We have a great desire for Spanish, French and Hungarian translations and it is rumoured that they are forthcoming.

When you order the English book, a Korean or Dutch translation will be sent with it when you also order the translation. The same will soon apply to the German and Russian versions. The Spanish, French and Hungarian will be available in the near future. We will keep you informed via our web-shop.
As the book is a huge success already, please tell us which other language you would like to see it translated into. We will be very happy to see what we can do for you. Be clear in what you wish for! Please give us your correct address and choose the right translation.

The translations from the text of the book ''Droppings'' were made in an atmosphere of friendship, to help out readers with insufficient knowlegde of english. They are not meant to be an ''authorative'' version, although differences with the original may be very interesting! A.B.
This book ’Droppings’ is not a variation on my old (and almost sold out) book ‘Bach, The Fencing Master’. It is a more practical study-book, and I do know more too, these days - after fifteen years…

About performing Bach’s string-music on other instruments:
To give satisfaction by playing these simple cello- and violin pieces on a piano would take an almost superhuman imagination, but ‘speaking’ them with the lips can be a most fascinating challenge. Forget about ‘circular’ breathing I would say and play as if for one listener only. WONDERFUL! And don’t listen to famous violinists singing about themselves!

Droppings, An exercise book for the first three Cello Suites of Johann Sebastian Bach

For the modern player, so full of opinions after two hundred years of teaching, and so closed off from his own spontaneity after so many hours of practicing, it has become almost impossible to see what it says in the wonderfull score of the autograph of our Suites.
In a text written with so few notes every commonsensical change for normalcy in the bowings is bound to trade the free spirit of an old, true rationalist -BACH- for more boring common sense.
So much beauty is swept under the carpet every day, we really have to go back to square one - the rhythm and the slurs!
With every movement comes a short discussion of some aspect of the idea of SENZA BASSO.

A transcription in the VIOLA clef is added on separate pages to be placed next to the pages on wich the ‘DROPPINGS’ and the autograph. 

Published (July 2015) and exclusivey distributed by Bylsma’s Fencing Mail, Utrecht The Netherlands
64 pages, 29,5 x 20,5 cm, paperback/softback
ISBN 978-90-805674-4-3
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